Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Raw Food-ism

I'm doing a raw food diet right now. Pretty fun. Since starting just a few days ago, I've already been connected with a few different raw food people. Here are a few links to some awesome recipes.


  1. Raw food!? Sounds cleansing and salad-delicious. Are you doing it for how long? What about foodie night? You're in the corner chewing an apple?

  2. People say that Adam only eats bark, mulch, and grass!...some of it tastes pretty good! :) Love you Adam, I'm proud of you!

  3. Just until I lose my "final fifteen" lbs. I'm totally going to brand that concept and blog about it. The final fifteen are a crazy mind game and battle.

    Some of the foodie night stuff is raw ... and I'm not at 100% raw throughout the day ... although that's the goal. (see aforementioned final fifteen!)