Monday, May 3, 2010

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Sweet Talk Gets Harder (New York Times)

This article kills me. Here's an excerpt from the 2nd page of the article. Essentially this HFCS producer is saying that the science of how the product effects our children has no value to them ... only whether it tastes good to them or not.

"Back at ConAgra’s headquarters in Omaha, the Princeton study didn’t stir much more than passing interest. “Our focus is on consumer preference, not the science,” says Mr. Locascio.

They also say more than once in the article that sugar is more expensive than HFCS, but never clarify that it's very likely because of the US Gov't subsidies that make it so. 

And take a look at the final paragraph. If all else fails and the industry can't fool us anymore, then let's market to a new audience that doesn't know the truth–and while we're at it, let's triple the dose!

"In a reversal, manufacturers are replacing the sugar in Mexican soda and other beverages with the less-expensive high-fructose corn syrup. In Mexico this year, consumption of the sweetener is expected to be up by a whopping 50 percent."

Their primary argument is that sugar and HFCS are exactly the same thing ... not once is it suggested that the refinement process may be where the change occurs. 

Lastly, it's so convenient how they embrace the "science" that supports their product, and they reject the science that says otherwise. 

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