Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Kind Diet" sample recipes

I came across this link to 4 recipe's from Alicia Silverstone's "Kind Diet" (she is vegan). The peanut butter cups look amazing! Also, the bean dip. I'm excited to try them out.


  1. just watched her demo of the peanut butter cups. are you into the whole butter-not-butter thing? i totally agree with the anti-sugar movement, but i'm not so sure i'm anti-dairy... my understanding is that butter -- pure butter -- is far better than a substitute, like margarine and, i'm assuming, better overall than the butter substitute silverstone used in her peanut butter cup recipe...

  2. I agree, Therese. I'm not opposed to pure butter. I do think that too much dairy is not good, but that in general, it's fine. I think Alicia just uses a substitute to maintain her vegan status. :)